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Gui Med 3000® Original Gou Gong®-Technologie

Urlaub am Bauernhof

Source of Elemental Force

Die Quelle der Urkraft

The source of elemental force is a source of being where you can find peace, listen to the murmuring of the stream and open yourself to the power of sun and forest. Stones and trees invite you to meditate. Hammocks convey a primal sense of being in the womb. Nature sings, hums, calms and soothes your soul.
Open your eyes and soak up the colors of well-being: Purification in the Finnish blockhouse sauna, cooling under the waterfall, naked under the waterfall, newborn. You can feel the power of the waterfall. The water takes cares and burdens that you no longer need. You lie naked on the wooden deck and breathe the pure oxygenated air deeply. Breathe deeply a few times.
You feel how your body renews itself. You return to your true essence. Be simple, naked as God created you, lying on the deck with the sun tickling your nose.

Kneipp- Treading water
With warm legs, walk in the water like a stork. Raise each leg entirely out of the water and then put it back in. Walk 30- 40 steps. Afterwards wipe the water off your legs and walk until they are warm again.

Healing effects:
Promotes blood circulation, stimulates the circulatory system, acts as a vein tonic, releases blockages, calms and refreshes. If performed regularly evenings, it is the best preventive measure for susceptibility to infections.

  • Die Quelle der Urkraft