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Spa Treatments

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Drinking water heals the stomach, bathing lends new power.
Every civilization with a sense of the good life has a sophisticated spa culture. You need only look at the baths of the ancient Romans to see that these were people who knew how to enjoy. Bathing as a veritable ritual served not only to cleanse the body. It was holistic relaxation and regeneration of body and spirit. The Romans knew to use fine bathing additives such as milk and honey, fragrant herbs and flowers, aromatic essences and oils. That Cleopatra bathed in asses’ milk is today common knowledge.
What we call aroma therapy may have its roots in the Roman bath. Even in ancient times, the effect of fragrances on body and spirit was well known. This effect stems from vegetable substances solute in the bath water being absorbed by the skin and then entering the bloodstream. Thus it is possible to treat depression, nervousness or insomnia with the appropriate herbal bathing additives.

Hay flower bath
Sebastian Kneipp was particularly convinced about the effect of hay flowers. They played an important role in Kneipp therapy. Hay flowers are an excellent means of treatment for all rheumatic diseases in the form of compresses or baths. The medicinal effectiveness of hay flower baths is based upon a high concentration of fungi on the leaves, flowers and grasses. The heat of the water causes fermentation. The fermentation process releases large amounts of lactic acid, acetic acid and ammonia. During the treatment in the tub itself and afterwards as you lie warmly covered in bed,  you experience increased perspiration as well as an increase in your metabolic rate. Hay flower baths are purifying and stimulating.

Arnica oil bath
Arnica is a much sought after medicinal herb. Arnica can only be found at alpine pastures and mountain meadows above 1000m which have not been fertilized. Arnica is a great remedy for any fresh injury. There is much to know if you are to attain the desired therapeutic effect. It is best to seek out a qualified practitioner. With non-bleeding injuries such as contusions, sprains, bruises and bumps, you make wet compresses or baths.

Herbal Oil Bath
Bath oils: A bath with the oily essence of flowers and herbs is a special treat and nothing to compare with the bubble baths of the cosmetic industry. The delicate, natural fragrance is a delight for body and spirit.
Fragrant herbal bath
Rosemary bath: Rosemary- Makes you feel alive
Melissa bath: The bath smells of fresh lemons. It has a relaxing and calming effect and is often recommended for migraine headaches and menstrual pain.
Lavender bath: Lavender flowers make for a fragrant, relaxing and refreshing bath.
(All herbs are mixed with hay.)

Salt Baths
Salt baths reduce pain and inflammation, stimulate the circulatory system and yet have a relaxing effect. They cause an increase in cell renewal, metabolism, and organ functions. They stimulate the immune system, desensitize allergies and stabilize the nervous system and psyche. It is scientifically confirmed that salt baths have a strong effect on the automatic nervous system and on holistic regeneration.

Whey bath
Whey regenerates dry and inflamed skin. It can relieve skin disease as well. As a bath additive, whey regenerates the skin and makes it supple. Whey supplies the skin with milk fats.

Not the years in our lives count, but the life in our years.

Our spa treatments do not replace a doctor or treatment from a health professional. We do not diagnose, nor do we promise any specific type of healing. Our treatments are intended as general health care. For acute medical problems please see a doctor of trust!
Phytotherapy is the study of medicinal plants. Since time immemorial, plants have been used for healing illnesses and ailments. As Hippocrates said: "Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food". He was referring clearly to phytotherapy.  All the effects described above derive from this ancient knowledge and should be understood as a general statement. The healing effects upon each individual are different. Every individual reacts differently. We recommend that you ask yourself deep within if a treatment is right for you. You will know if it feels right.