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Television and newspaper articles about the Wellness Farm

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From the Metropol Theatre Vienna

The Diva and the Maestro Tamara Trojani with family and conductor Constantine Schenk (son of Otto Schenk)

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Inhaber der A Capella Hotels, Schlosshotel Velden

Horst Schulze and his wife and friends came by helicopter to our pasture to spend an unforgettable Almtag too.

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week of Lent

News from the Farm Wellness: spectacular television records for Austria Bild am Sonntag.
 Fasting on Austria's first wellness farm. There were records of the preparation of the Lenten soup, from the cozy fireside meditation, from Nordic walking in our beautiful nature, the hay bath and hay - Liver - wrap to detoxify, filmed. A well-known editor of the ORF, Mr. Altman and cinematographer Karl Anton Wieser present and have become convinced of the quality of our services.

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Sabine's herbal cuisine, the recipes for the program "Euro Blick"

The television crew has bakes the customs of the pig's head into an exciting short film stealing. Wolfgang Putz and cinematographer Reinhard Keller of Bavarian Television, shot 3 days in the Nock Mountains on Lamprechthof.

 We wish all the viewers of the program "Euro look" a good success recipe and should have any questions, so I can be happy at the telephone number: 0043 / (0) 4732/2746 or by e-mail: farm wellness office @. at contact.

 The spa-Mayer Sabine farmer with family

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Gennaio - Italien

Panoramic Nock, The Hut invites Lamprecht

Hidden, romantic places with warm hospitality make special attractions in the park. In consequences, we present original and innovative cabin, the lure of delicious food from own production in the cams.

unique idyll
 High above Kaning, near the Nöringsattels (1,665 m), opens unexpectedly with a natural stage of an exceptional nature - in the summit area of Rabenkofel - Stileck - underline Langnock south-facing slopes in the picturesque round of Lamprechtalm down. Of these "hanging Nockgärten" surrounded by two small mountain lakes visually complemented effectively, dominated by the Lamprecht Hut (1,695 m) south-east side in the morning sun. An old and venerable wooden refuge, a meaningful story of peasant life testifies to a high alpine pasture

 Circle in four hours, peaks to the ambitious hiker, the rise of the Thoma peasant hut (1,697 m) is the Rabenkofel (2,059 m) is recommended, a lavish look of high Stileck (2,179 m) to heart, the descent of the Langnock (2,109 m) advised as a last highlight show. The approximately four-hour visit to the summit (almost 500 hm) gives magnificent views of input and the path generated considerable appetite.

Alpine specialties served lovingly
 Kriemhilde Mayer, the friendly Altbäuerin is arguably the centerpiece of the almigen oasis - with daughter Rita Oberegger it supplies more than a hundred cows, a dozen horses, goats and pigs and so many hungry hikers. A special cheese with savory products such as cheese spread, cheese or sour Glundener requires a lot of power. The son, Kurt Bauer Mayer pulls the strings and manages the Nöringtal Lamprechthof. From here our own products are provided for the farmer snack, rare delicacies such as venison sausage, farm butter, bread, etc.

 A taste of nature
 Local dishes tempts the palate, which is hard to choose between pancakes with cranberries or plums, cup cottage, a rustic woodcutter court, the daily fresh soup of the day with lots of fresh mountain herbs. Spicy cheese bread, cheese dish, snack or bacon sandwiches should also cost at least - to refreshing beverages such as milk, sour milk, cider, juice, soda or beer. A quiet, unassuming warmth and care strengthens the appeal of a truly memorable day. Nah - and happy to help.

 The hut can be reached by Lamprecht Radenthein - Kaningbach - Parking magnesite mining (rise about 1 hour / 250 hm) or directly by car to Nöringsattel and a relatively good motorable scenic road to the lodge. The Lamprecht hut opens in late May and is up about 10 October (weather dependent) is cultivated, there is no overnight stay.


Prima fattoria wellness dell'Austria, nel cuore del Parco nazionale del Nockberge, dove organizzano escursioni in montagna. Nel centro benessere, massaggi, bagni di fieno 0 nel siero di latte e trattamenti naturali. Indirizzo: Innernöring 25, tel. 0043.4732.27.46,

Carinthian farmer, landlord - a mediator between agriculture and consumer

"The Mayer family vlg. Lamprechthof, Eisentratten prescribed to the spa and founded Austria's first wellness farm. This collection is divided among the people at the court. This assumes Kurt Mayer, the supply of agriculture and the care of the animals. He supports his woman at the well activity programs such as walks and tractor rides, or the Finnish sauna. Sabine Mayer provides for the physical well-being .... and treat your guests with spa and beauty "

ATV - Austria Television, Wellness am Wasserfall

Wellness world record!, ORF-Austria, ORF-gleaning

Happy poultry - all belongs to the perfect picture, too, is part of a staging of Wellness: On Lamprechtshof in Carinthia Eisentratten, Austria's trendiest miners address, the chickens, for example - as natural, pasture, farm ... and the boarders in the bath - in the meadow. The hay is in the open part of the wellness program. From 40 € per day with this one.
 The young farmer's wife Sabine Mayer of Lamprechtshof has "learned cosmetics" because farm holiday alone, which no longer runs. So now comes the Traditionshof with time: "First Austrian wellness farm" he has named himself.

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A good start is half the cooked



Television recording is fresh cooked half done with celebrity chef Alios
 Mattersberger and Sabine Petzl, from the farmer's wife Sabine Mayer Lamprechthof wellness. TV recordings in Vienna at the company Interspot

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Fernsehbericht im ZDF

zdfaufnahmen 01

  ZDF-Fernsehaufnahmen für die Sendung Europa-Heute

Carinthian the day in the "Kleine Zeitung"

 High up on the mountain oasis of recreation is all around,
 Claudia Kusternig. "Holidays on the farm - which has yet been any thought Kurt Martin Mayer and built his farm at 1100 meters above sea level in the Innernöring in Eisentratten ado about Austria's first wellness farm for tourism has on Lamprechthof tradition." We are home for 20 years tourists, "says Mayer," and I thought, but try something else again. "So-recreation farm, up from head to toe.

 "We will never get bored," says Mayer. The children not only learn about a farm with all its animals. In-house waterfall, there is an adventure playground with a campfire and all the trimmings. And while the children play Indians, Mom feels like Cleopatra. "We offer, for example, whey baths. That were already known in ancient Egypt, that they make the skin supple and soft." Other luxury offerings: hayflower baths, Finnish sauna with color therapy, massage, beauty care. Full of fresh energy is then to Hochalmfischen's house on the pasture or Photo Safari - on the 240-acre property in the Nock Mountains National Park There are plenty of "stop" and a lot to see.
 And there are a lot of work. Most of the food is produced on the farm.