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The Chronicle of the Lamprechthof

Chronik vom Lamprechthof

About 100 years ago, agriculture, forestry, cattle and alpine farming were the mainstay of the Lamprechthof. The farmers had up to ten servants, who performed the hard work in the fields, the stall, the alpine pastures, the woods and the farmhouse. During the summers, a farm labourer and a dairymaid worked at the "Lamprechtalm", the farm’s alpine pastures (200 ha). They milked the cows, churned butter and made cheese. They gathered herbs and berries to store for the winter.
There was also a house for making linen (the "Brechelhube"), where flax was processed into linen thread.
Thirty years ago, we began farming fish, supplying superb mountain trout to restaurants and hotels in almost all of Carinthia. At this time, we no longer had servants at the farm. The farmer had to do all the work himself. Hikers and tourists came in larger numbers to the alpine hut to eat homemade bacon, butter and cheese. Thus, the "Lamprechtalm" became open to the public. The fish farming was leased and the farmers went to the hut in order to sell their own products as "Brettljausen" (wooden boards of cold cuts or cheese served with bread) with their own fermented juices and schnapps.
The younger generation stayed at the farm renting rooms to guests. Thus, holiday at the farm began 25 years ago. Soon we were the first to have a sauna at the farm and our interest developed further toward healthy living, honest products from nature and spa treatments. In the past, the farmers had taken hay flower baths after a hard day’s work or had known how to use whey for cosmetic care. We have adopted this ancient wisdom passed down from generation to generation and incorporated it into our vacation offers. That is how Austria’s first Wellness Farm came to be.


Chronik vom Lamprechthof
The Lamprechthof in the last century