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Hiking in Nockberge National Park

Nationalpark Nockberge

The Carinthian Nockberge Mountains  are among the most interesting and oldest upland formations in Europe. In their geomorphology, they form a unique part of the entire alpine area. The gently rounded mountain summits (called "Nocken") contrast with the craggy high mountains of the Hohe Tauern range bordering to the west, the Niedere Tauern range to the north and the Karawanken and Carnian Alps to the south.  As a result of geological history, the summit levels of the Nockberge range lie 800-900 meters lower than the neighboring Hohe Tauern.
Formed about 60 million years ago, natural erosion has shaped the Nockberge range until the present day. Varied rock composition characterizes the region. The geological distinctiveness lies in the occurrence of a limestone- dolomite layer that runs from north to south in a band up to 3km wide. More than 500 years ago, the region was already subject to intensive mining.  Over the course of history, iron ore, magnesite, anthrasite and garnets have been mined.
Source: Nationalpark Nockberge


  • Nationalpark Nockberge

Hiker’s Paradise Lamprechtalm

Direct access via Eisentratten or Radenthein to Lamprechtalm. From the Lamprechtalm hut, the marked trail 194 leads you back along the road to trail 193. This trail climbs to the Rabenkofel, where you hike upon gentle alpine meadows amongst spikenard and arnica to Stileck (2179m). There you have an exquisite panoramic view from the Hohe Tauern to the Carnian-Julian Alps, from the Karawanken to the Niedere Tauern and the Radstätter Tauern. A stone panorama disk at the summit allows for easy identification of the ranges. The trail returns via the Langnook. A natural stage of extraordinary beauty opens high above Kaning and not far from the Nöringsattel: the picturesque southern slopes seem to flow down from the summits of Rabenkogel, Stileck and Langnook to the Lamprechtalm hut. After your mountain adventure, you return to the Lamprechtalm hut and fortify yourself with a hearty "Bretteljause" or freshly caught trout with a glass of chilled white wine.

  • Nationalpark Nockberge

Hiking Tips in Nockberge National Park

The summer sun lures you to the allergy-free heights of the Nockberge. The National Park will be explored! The unique flora and fauna, unusual geological features such as the Rote Burg and rustic alpine huts invite you to look about. Here, a shy deer leaps by. A marmot whistles there. And the calls of many species of birds resound again and again. In autumn you escape the sea of fog in the valleys and enjoy the sunshine of the heights.
Lovely family walks, challenges for experienced hikers, etc.
Fitness and stretching exercises as well as a careful planning of your route help you to prepare adequately, enjoy in advance and anticipate the fun!
Watch the weather!
Take care to have weather-appropriate clothing to wear like an onion, peeling off as necessary.
Bring a jacket, hiking boots, sunscreen and backpack with sufficient drinks.
Marked trails:
The hiking trails in the Nockberge are well-marked.
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  • Die Lamprechtalm